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Fishing with Dynamite in Manhattan Beach.


Fishing with Dynamite is MB Post’s new seafood restaurant in Manhattan Beach. MB Post is known for its great food, so I expected nothing less from Fishing with Dynamite. I went on a Thursday night and was actually able to get a table within 15 minutes of walking in. The seafood was very fresh and super high quality. This is probably the best seafood I’ve had in the South Bay in a long while. My favorite seafood place in the South Bay used to be FishBar but I think we have a new winner. Fishing with Dynamite has an amazing raw bar, not just your typical oysters and shrimp but also sea urchin and scallops. I recommend just about everything that we tried. We also had the clam chowder which was excellent. It was not your typical clam chowder, filled with potatoes and too thick to sip, but a perfect balance of seafood, potatoes, herbs and spices. The sea urchin was served with toasted bread and orange, which I had never experienced before. The orange was the perfect balance for the sea urchin and it might be a new favorite of mine. The oysters were amazing, as expected but I think my new favorite raw bar item would have to be the raw scallops. We also had the confit pork belly, which was a delightful surprise. We ordered the squash rolls so we actually combined them with the pork belly to make little pork belly sandwiches. Check out all of the items we had below!

From Raw Bar:


Peruvian Scallops

Sea Urchin

From Old School (More traditional East Coast menu items):

New England Clam Chowdah’ neuske’s bacon, weiser farm potatoes, house made oyster crackers

Chef David’s Mom’s Cape Cod Squash Rolls with rosemary butter

From New School (More modern, fusion-type items):

Grilled Octopus cranberry beans, date-tomato ragu, preserved lemon, kalamata olive tapenade

Hamachi ponzu, avocado, red radish, serrano, shiso

Confit Pork Belly roasted shishito peppers, grated daikon, lime soy gastrique 

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